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The Studio

Gamze Saraçoğlu Design Studio provides project-based monthly or seasonal brand analysis, collection preparation, creative, uniform design and production consultancy services to retail brands and companies in different sectors, in addition to preparing personalized design products.


While making brand analysis, the target audience is determined, the structure of existing customers and potential customers is taken into consideration, and competitor companies are evaluated.


Collection preparation studies are based on criteria such as the variety of product groups, seasonal colors, and compliance with salability trends. In this direction, Gamze Saraçoğlu Design Studio; designing and preparing women's ready-to-wear collections within the framework of the determined number and product range, choosing fabrics and accessories (buttons, zippers, etc.) for the collections and submitting them to the company's approval, participating in on-site pattern works for the collections, giving pattern approvals, It provides consultancy services on final controls and approval for mass production, participation in all kinds of PR activities to be organized for the promotion and marketing of collections, the way the collections are exhibited in company stores at the beginning of the season, advertising campaigns and logo works. Major services;


  -  Season forecasting and styling forecasting

  -  Color forecasting

  -  Preparation of collection themes: The collection concept is determined first while creating the general structure of the collection. In line with new trends, the theme of the collection, basic product groups and locomotive products are determined.

  -  Preparation of story and trend boards

  -  Fabric and accessory selection: In line with new trends, fabrics and accessories are selected, which are basically divided into main product groups. In the selection of fabrics and accessories, which are important to ensure the richness of the collection, criteria such as quality, reasonable price, ease of production, and easy availability are taken into consideration.

  -  Making the drawings

  -  Fabric and drawing marriages

  -  Control of mold processes

  -  rehearsals

Presentation: Gamze Saraçoğlu Fashion Design Studio team uses technology at the highest level to prepare detailed technical sheets for all models, ensuring correct information flow.


Control: Model samples are created, model samples are rehearsed and revised, model samples are approved and made ready for production.


Within the scope of creative consultancy, image shooting, catalog shooting, product matching, advertising campaign visual selection, showcase and in-store arrangement, company product presentation arrangement services are provided in line with the image and concept of the determined collection.


As Gamze Saraçoğlu Fashion Design Studio, she designs uniforms in line with the determined or proposed brand image of corporate companies.


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